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There are a number of bowling stalwarts in the Huddersfield area who can no longer bowl but can produce a range of anecdotes to brighten up a winter's evening so I hope to tap into more and more of those over the coming months. If you have a story to tell or a memory to share then I would be really pleased to hear from you and then share your stories with the local bowling community.

My most recent story received comes from Cowcliffe veteran Bob Swan and he introduces his subject matter as being about Ladies' bowling development.

Bill Blackburn’s recently posted anecdote brought back happy memories for me. My interest in bowling began when I joined my dear late wife Betty in a game on Cowcliffe at Whitsuntide in 1970. Betty played in the Cowcliffe team that was a founder member of the Huddersfield Ladies League and later on became the president.

In 1986 I followed Bill as the Huddersfield League Competition Secretary. In that year ladies were first allowed to take part in the popular BBC 2 TV Top Crown Invitation Pairs competition.

Karen Galvin, a Lancashire star joined with Mary Farmer of Yorkshire to enter. Mary cancelled a holiday in Majorca with her husband David in order to take part. The event took place on the Pilkington Rec green in St Helens on the 11th & 12th of June. I attended with Yorkshire’s Derrick Radley and saw our pair get through 2 rounds comfortably. In the third round they played Lancashire stalwarts Noel Burrows and Roy Armson winning 21-20.

I did not attend the next day. On the big No. 1 green on a rainy day they were beaten in the corners 21-8 by Brian Duncan and Norman Fletcher who eventually beat Tommy Johnstone and Eddie Hulbert in the final to land the trophy and share £2,000. I have the original programme. Karen & Mary shared the £500 quarter-final prize. Sadly Mary, a lovely lady, passed away aged 52 in 1989 Bob Swan

If you have a story to tell, a memory to share or a point to raise then please use the form below to get in touch.

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