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Bizarre bowling by Bill & Bob - 1

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I am grateful to Paul Rangeley for a series of (Paul says) true tales about the behaviour of some bowlers that he has witnessed over the years. Maybe you would like to add your own tale to this series. The names of the individuals are withheld to save embarrassment but will be known as Bill and Bob. You may recognise Bill or Bob from someone in your club.

Bill and Bob were playing in a veterans match. Bill set the mark which was about 35 metres and then played his first bowl. Bob followed and much to Bills astonishment he played to another jack which was easily 8 metres away from the correct jack.

Turning to Bill, Bob recognising his error asked somewhat pleadingly “What happens now?” to which Bill replied “iI's my turn”

Now you could be forgiven for thinking that Bill was taking advantage of a novice bowler but Bob was and is still an excellent interdistrict player. We all have our moments I guess.

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