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Bill Blackburn remembers

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Jeff - A question for your many readers.

When I first started team bowling at Linthwaite Hall in about 1950 the custom was to toss up for the jack (each bowler had their own jacks then). Next was to discuss the 'bet', sometimes a pint, sometimes half a crown, loser to cough up.

I don't know what brought about the change and when, but now the winner is the one offering his opponent a pint.

Are there any bowlers of my generation who can recall the change?

Bill Blackburn

As well as answering Bill's question maybe you can recall another custom that has changed or disappeared over the years that you would like to bring to our attention. Use the Comments option at the foot of the page to add your memories or alternatively use the Contact Us facility to share your recollections. Either way, you need to add your name.

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