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Biggest misconception about the Winter League is ...

Winter League

As I meet other bowlers several times a week during the summer months discussions often focus on the success of the Winter League which continues to attract more and more new teams. Six new teams have already signed up for the new season taking the total number of teams up to 46 with more still expected before the deadline date. However I am convinced that this number would be even greater if people can get their heads around the biggest misconception about the League.

Regardless of how many times we publicise information about the League many bowlers still believe that they have to use their club's own green to join the League. Let me shout it out as loud as I can ....


We now have six host greens, each serving as the base for one of the six divisions in the League. Teams in each division play all their matches on one of the host greens. You do not have to use your own green to join the Winter League.

So now we've got that out of the way what else do you need to know about putting a team in the League for the coming season? Well, the most pressing thing you need to know is that the closing date for new teams to join the League for the 2023-24 season is only 3 weeks away as Monday 3 July is the deadline for new team applications.

What else do you need to know? The milder winters coupled with the enthusiasm of the Huddersfield bowling community to extend the bowling season means that the demand continues to grow. Here are the top 10 other things all new teams want, and need, to know about joining the fastest-growing league in the country.

  1. Teams are made up of 4 bowlers who can be of any gender

  2. Matches are played of 2 Singles and 1 Pairs games

  3. Bowlers must have passed their 60th birthday to qualify to bowl

  4. Teams play on the same green on the same day of the week throughout the season

  5. All matches have an 11.30am start time

  6. Matches are played from October to mid-February

  7. There is a two-week break over the Christmas period

  8. League fees are £15 per team per season

  9. Weekly match fees are £10 a team (£2.50 per bowler) which all goes to the host green which covers green fees, raffle tickets, hot drinks and biscuits.

  10. Hot drinks and hot and cold food are always available for bowlers and spectators at a modest charge.

Further details are available from the League Secretary, Jeff Jacklin, by phone (07968 171 197) or by email to

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