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BCGBA 'Return to Play' guidance published

Updated: Mar 27, 2021

The BCGBA has today issued the long-awaited guidance on what clubs need to do to support the return of bowling to our greens. You can download your copy at the foot of this page and there is a short extract below listing the key points of the guidance. Any questions or matters of clarification should be directed to Yorkshire CCGBA.


Step 1: Monday 29 March – Key points

From Monday 29 March until Step 2 (12 April), the following applies to outdoor bowls:

  • Bowls may resume

  • Play is permitted in accordance with the guidelines in the Table below – this is for Step 1 only and will be reviewed as the restrictions are eased by government

  • Clubs are advised to implement a pre-booking system in order to manage attendance at the club, and to ensure adequate time between booked sessions

  • Travel to participate in bowls is permitted but you are advised to ‘stay local’ wherever possible

  • Spectators are not permitted at Step 1 – only those who are participating or required to be on site to manage a session should be in attendance

  • Bowls coaching and other curriculum-based activity is permitted in groups of up to six (excluding the coach/educator)

  • Greens maintenance is permitted

Full BCGBA Return to Play guidance document (9 pages)

BCGBA ReturnToPlay 26March2021
Download PDF • 239KB

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Thanks to all who tried to answer my question. I was going around in circles with a variety of answers ranging from 6 to 16. The best advice offered was to contact Steven Cochrane CEO YCCGBA which I did - a speedy reply from Steven stated that the maximum number of players allowed on a green for social bowling is 6 until the 12th of April.

Hazel Rangeley


I have read the BCGBA advice and I understand toilets can be open for organised bowling but not sure if toilets can be open for informal bowling sessions.


Respondendo a

Thank you Pat but that wasn't the question!

I can answer your question - yes toilets can be accessed.



Ok, I have read the guidance from BCGBA but I am not sure that I understand the numbers - advice needed please. From the 29th March what is the maximum number of people allowed on a green at any one time for non-organised play who are from different households?

Hazel Rangeley

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