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BCGBA Jack and Jean Isherwood Veterans KO

Bowling News

Entries for the 2021 competition are now open.

A condition of entering is that you will play at the final on 11 August if you qualify.

David Singleton of Golcar Lib has twice (at least) qualified and played at the finals and speaks highly of the competition.

This competition is open to Males and Females over the age of 60 years and information about the qualifier can be found below:

Date – Friday 16th July

Start - 10.30am start

Venue – Sowerby Bridge Hillcrest

Entries Close 9th July

Cost - £2

Entries – Alan Stephenson -

The 2 finalists are expected to go to BCGBA Vets Final on 11 August at Prees BC in Shropshire.

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