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BCGBA Grant Scheme open for bids

Bowling News

The BCGBA is now inviting clubs to submit bids for grants up to the value of £850 to improve the club facilities. Multiple bids could amount to over £2,000 for a club. Below is an extract from the BCGBA website where full details are available.


1 Click on BCGBA Grant Application Form to download the form. 2 Complete the form and send it to your County Secretary, together with:

  • copies of any Planning Permission, Plans, Photographs and Quotations whichever and wherever necessary

  • a copy of your Club’s latest Annual Accounts

  • a copy of your Club’s current Public Liability Policy Certificate

  • the name and DBS number of your Club’s Safeguarding Officer

3 Your County Secretary will confirm that your subscription to the BCGBA is up-to-date and counter-sign before sending all materials off to the BCGBA National Administrator.

4 Upon receipt of all documentation, the BCGBA National Administrator will email the Club Representative a Unique Reference Number, which must be used in all future communication.

5 The BCGBA National Administrator shall present the Grant Application to the next appropriate Committee meeting and, if everything is in order, a response as to success or failure should be provided within 12 weeks.

6. No application will be considered if the BCGBA Club Fee has not been paid.

Guidelines for Grants

£850 New Bowling Green £350 New Floodlights £350 New Pavilion £300 Irrigation for the Bowling Green £250 Toilet Up to £250 New Shelter Up to £150 Fencing and Paths Up to £150 Extending a Bowling Green Up to £300 Legal Fees to fight Green closure – 50%

Procedure for Completion

1 Take appropriate Photographs and gather up any other proof of completion before sending all materials to the BCGBA National Administrator.

2 Upon receipt the BCGBA National Administrator will consider the application and, if complete, will request the BCGBA Financial Officer to issue a cheque for the amount already approved.

3 BCGBA have set a maximum time period for completion of Grants so if the project cannot be completed within 12 months of approval, contact the BCGBA National Administrator with an explanation whereupon an extension maybe granted.

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