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BCGBA CEO post being advertised

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Marc Bircumshaw was appointed the permanent Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the British Crown Green Bowling Association (BCGBA) in April 2019 after serving the previous 12 months as the Interim CEO. If you believe the social media postings then he has been on paid 'gardening leave' for the last month or more. What is certain is that his position is now being advertised nationally.

The BCGBA is the national ruling body for our sport and in turn is responsible to Bowls England. Speculation is rife on social media so you must take some of this with a health warning but obviously, something has happened leading up to the CEO either resigning or being fired mid-term.

The major thing that has happened recently that many believe to be at the root of the present situation is the BCGBA's decision to withdraw their support of the green and facilities at Heaton Park in Manchester. It appears that the BCGBA has been providing financial support to the Manchester Council project as well as using the site for a number of its high profile competition finals. This has caused some division in the ranks especially when the BCGBA refused to offer similar support to the traditional home of crown green bowling at the Waterloo BC in Blackpool two years ago.

The BCGBA website and Facebook pages provide little information on the situation other than to advertise the vacancy along with that of another position, that of National Administrator. So I wrote to the BCGBA requesting details of both vacancies and received job descriptions for both along with some information about the appointment process.

This CEO Job Description (included below) indicates that there is an annual salary of c£25,000 for the successful applicant but fails to mention whether the post is part-time or full-time and if it is part-time the number of hours/days expected of the postholder. It does say that it is expected to be home-based although responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation.

A second post with the BCGBA is being advertised at the same time with the same timetable and this is for the position of National Administrator. This post is part-time although the number of hours/days funded is not mentioned but carries a salary of £10,000 per annum. The Job Description for this post is also provided further below or you can download your own copy of the Job Descriptions here.

BCGBA CEO (Job Description 2023)
Download PDF • 428KB

BCGBA National Administrator (Job Description 2023)
Download PDF • 331KB

Applicants are invited to submit their application before the closing date of 14 January 2024 following which a shortlist will be drawn up to be invited for interview. Applicants should submit a full CV along with a brief resume as to their suitability for the post.

The Job Description for the post of National Administrator is below.

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