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BCGBA agree that things need to change

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Following on from the report on the BCGBA Ladies Champion-of-Champions competition last weekend there has been an exchange of Facebook postings in which BCGBA Officials seem to agree that they need to tackle the promotion and communications issue.

It all started when Yorkshire bowler Alexis Lunn-Gad posted a report on the three Yorkshire ladies progress in the competition. This being the only report on the event which in turn prompted Dave Parkin to comment on certain aspects of the promotion and reporting of BCGBA events.

Below is a record of the exchange of Facebook postings which indicate that at least some aspects of reporting of BCGBA events may be out-sourced to a third-party website.

The exchange starts with Alexis Lunn-Gad's original Facebook posting from a Yorkshire angle.

That was followed by a posting from the current BCGBA Ladies President, Mavis Hancock

Then Huddersfield's own Dave Parkin got involved with his posting below

Yvette Gregory Committee member & Competitions Officer (Ladies)

Paul Ashmore – BCGBA Safeguarding officer

Dave Parkin responds

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