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BCGBA AGM 21 years ago


The 2023 Annual General Meeting of the BCGBA will be held at Winnington Park, Northwich on Saturday 21 January 2023 and the same venue hosted the 2002 version of the same meeting 21 years ago. The calling notice for this event along with the Competitions Income & Expenditure record are reprinted below.

Interestingly the calling notice includes a resolution to reform the Association's finances by the introduction of an annual Player's Subscription Scheme with the intent to introduce it for the 2003 season. Guess what is on the agenda for the AGM 21 years later? An annual Player's Subscription Scheme of £1 per bowler per annum.

The handwritten note alongside the agenda item below indicates that the proposal to introduce such a scheme was passed by 52-43 votes. The authority then passing to the Rules Revision Meeting to set the rates and coverage for the subscription.

The financial statement only covers the Income and Expenditure of the BCGBA competitions and not the full range of income and expenditure items. This indicates a loss of £2,337 over the course of the 2001 season with two of the seven competitions attracting total gate receipts of over £11,000.

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