BCGBA 2021 Veterans Final: video

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This year's BCGBA Veterans Trophy Final was held at the Prees Cricket & Recreation Club in Shropshire on Wednesday 11 August. The two finalists were Keith Pessell from Shropshire and Nigel McDermott from South Yorkshire and you can watch every end of the final by clicking on this YouTube link.

I won't spoil the ending by telling you the score but you can always fast-forward the 35-minute video if you want to. The last Yorkshire representative standing was well-known local bowler Les Holmes who lost 20-21 in the semi-finals to Nigel McDermott. You can make your own judgement on the state of the green from watching the video.

I am grateful to Philip Walker for pointing me in the direction of this video and other finals from this year's BCGBA programme which will be appearing here shortly.

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