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Another new Winter League team

Winter League

There has been an 8th team applying to join the Huddersfield Winter League for the season starting in October and running through until the end of January 2021. Lindley Liberal are the latest team to sign up joining 7 other new applications from teams signing up for the second season of this new competition.

The League is expecting to work across three greens - Springwood, Milnsbridge BC and Thorpe Green - with teams split into three divisions on merit and based on the same green for the duration of the season.

New teams are still being accepted but the closing date looms and entries will close on Monday 5 July, that is just 10 days away so if you are interested get yourselves organised and get in touch. Further details are available through contacting the League Secretary or by reading the League Rules with the main points listed below.

Basic details you need to know if you are thinking of joining the League

  • All bowlers must be aged 60 or over

  • Mixed-gender teams with no minimum or maximum numbers of either

  • Bowling in 2021 will be on a Monday or a Wednesday from 12noon

  • 4-person teams playing 2xSingles and 1xPairs matches

  • £15 annual fee per team

We look forward to hearing from you and learning of another team interested in joining this flourishing competition.

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