Another new team for Winter League

Winter League

Just a few days until the September 1st closing date for new team applications to join the Huddersfield Winter League for the 2021-22 season and one new addition this week with Paddock I&C putting themselves forward to bring the total number of teams up to 25 from the 14 that finished the inaugural season. We are still open for new team applications before the 1 September closing date for the 2021-22 season.

There are 13 new teams already entered and two withdrawals, so currently we have 25 teams signed up for the new season which is 11 more than competed in the first season which was eventually curtailed due to the COVID pandemic. That didn't stop teams from appreciating how good winter greens can be and asking the question why shouldn't bowling be an all-year-round sport?

The current list of teams

signed up for the new season is:

Paddock I&C

Lower Hopton

Lindley Liberal


New Mill

Jackson Bridge

Clayton West

Denby Dale



Milnsbridge A & B teams

Rastrick A & B teams

Huddersfield Recreation Club A & B teams

Lowerhouses A & B teams

Thorpe Green A, B & C teams

Springwood A & B teams

Lindley BC A & B teams

Bowlers can be male or female in any combination of numbers but all bowlers must have passed their 60th birthday before bowling in the league. All teams are of 4-persons with 2 Singles and 1 Pairs games in each match.

Three Divisions will be based on different greens for the full season and the split of teams will be decided on merit with promotion and relegation at the end of the season. It is expected that matches will be played on the same day each week and if that is to be a Monday or a Wednesday will be determined by several factors especially around freeing up host teams to provide catering and other services to their visiting teams.

The closing date for new team applications is now 1st September. If you are interested in adding a team to the League which recommences in October then please get in touch for further details. Contact Us

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