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Almondbury Lib makeover

Almondbury Liberal has taken advantage of the lockdown periods to undertake some major work around their green during the summer months. Much of the work has been undertaken by club members to reduce the overall cost.

All the pathway surrounds to the green have been replaced along with major work on the boundary wall butting up to Thorpe Lane. This wall had become unsafe with real concerns that parts could begin to fall apart and become a safety hazard. The decision was taken to reduce the height of the wall by a metre to address the problem and this work was undertaken by a commercial partner. The brick stone flags were taken off the top and put to one side and then put back on once the wall had been lowered along almost its full length.

Preparing for the work including getting planning permission, funding and planning took 18 months. The actual work in lowering the wall took two weeks. The first set of three photographs below show the redesigned and lowered wall upon completion of the work.

The photographs then turn to the green surrounds. The rotting sleepers were removed with those still of value sold on. New green perimeter edging has been installed and all the old concrete paving around the green has been removed. All this was done by club members who dug out by hand more than 40 tons of old paving and barrowed it to skips on Thorpe Lane.

The professionals were then brought in to provide a hardcore base and then the concrete top layer. The actual concreting was twice postponed because of inclement weather but was eventually all completed in a 3-week period. The photographs below show the 'before, during and after' of the work. Almondbury Lib would like to put on record their thanks to Geekop of Lepton for their cooperation and advice on completing the project.

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Dec 20, 2020

Now that I’ve had a closer look at this wonderful improvement I think it demands a team photo of the bowlers who contributed to the work ! !!


Dec 20, 2020

I have to say that looks fantastic. It’s amazing what some bowlers will do during lockdown just to get out of doing jobs at home !!!

Philip of Lindley

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