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A memory of Primrose Hill WMC green


Bill Blackburn may have turned 90 now but there is nothing wrong with his memory which was stirred to recall a big moment when reading on the website the list of 52 redundant greens. Bill was galvanised into responding to the invitation for anyone to relate any stories from any of the 52 redundant greens as he looks back to a match on the Primrose Hill WMC green.

Bill goes on ...

Just been re-reading your Vets Newsletter of December, 2017 in which you listed 52 redundant greens and asking if anyone had fond memories of any of them. Out of the 52, I had played on 25 of them, but my memory is of the Huddersfield Working Men's Merit final at Primrose Hill WMC.

My father, Edward, was a regular second team bowler at Linthwaite Hall and had reached a final for the first time in his life. He was drawn against the red hot favourite, David 'Jenky' Jenkinson in the first round. Dad won and the 'bookie' gave him £5 for saving him, as he said, 'a bit of brass.' I think Peter Thewlis of Almondbury Con won the trophy.

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