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A bowling green at Edgerton


Edgerton Bowling Green 1888-1913

I am grateful to Mike Thornton for this ariel photo and map showing the location of a green at Edgerton and he asks if anyone has any knowledge of the green. I have added a map from the Huddersfield Exposed website which places the green on today's map. On the same website a map of that location dated 1918 shows that the green was no longer in use.

Mike introduces the green ....

l have come across an old photo and and map of Edgerton/ Lindley area and come across an old Bowling Green in between Halifax Road and Kaffer Road. The map dates between 1888 to 1913 and the photograph was taken in 1937. I do not know any more history in regards to the green but l thought that l would forward it to you just in case you want to place it onto the Huddweb site as you never know somebody may know a little more about the green. Tell us of anything you can add.

Below is the location of that green superimposed on a map of today neatly tucked in between Halifax Road and Kaffir Road.

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