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A big thank you as the Juniors pass £5k target

Junior League

The Junior League has now passed its own target of raising £5,000 in donations by the end of January to maximise the One Community Match It scheme where they match £ for £ any sum raised up to a maximum of £5,000.

The latest total indicates the wonderful sum of £5,325 already raised to enable the League to kick-start junior bowling in the area once the COVID restrictions are lifted. The fund remains open and businesses, clubs and individuals can still make donations to boost the work even further. With effectively over £10,000 now available the League will be well-positioned to take full advantage of a restart of sporting activities. Donate Now

Junior League Secretary Geoff Martin expresses his thanks to all those that have contributed with these words:

What sort of a Town is this? Probably the best.

Once again the good people within our Huddersfield community come up trumps.

Our hopes of raising £5,000 for our junior bowlers, has had an exceptional outcome.

The One Community Match It fund currently stands at a magnificent total of £5,325.

A truly remarkable charitable response from so many kind and generous supporters.

Even in these difficult and trying times the indomitable spirit of community lives on.

On behalf of the Huddersfield Junior Bowlers Many thanks to The One Community Match It Fund and yourselves for giving our Huddersfield Junior Crown Green Bowling Committee a great start to getting our junior bowlers back on to the bowling greens. As soon as it is safe and viable.

Thank you. Thank you Thank you all. Very, very much.

Take extra special care.

On behalf of the Huddersfield Junior Crown Green Bowls Association.

Geoff Martin


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