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7 June qualifiers for the Men's C-of-C

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Dave Parkin follows up on his Ladies BCGBA update with the same for the Mens.

First of all, I’d like to thank Steve Clamp (BCGBA) & David Kay (Federation) for help in compiling these reports. Since we started, it is becoming easier to source results & information


“Super Sunday” saw 7 winners which has been summarised already but it did sort one other issue, the winner of the FEDERATION MERIT now gets a place at the BCGBA MENS CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS event which will be held at OWLEY WOOD on Saturday September 28th.

June saw 7 other qualifiers and now we know 20/32 qualifiers.


We’ll start with the only non-Merit winner to qualify in June, WAYNE DITCHFIELD who added his name to the Trophy & Honours board for the 3rd time at HILLCREST BC by winning the HILLCREST CLASSIC by beating CALLUM WRAIGHT 31-26 in the final.



The GREATER MANCHESTER MERIT winner on the 8th June was JACK HARGREAVES who defeated BEN STAPLETON 21-9 in the final at the EAGLE & CHILD, WHITEFIELD.


The following day at CREDA SPORTS, the RAY PRICE TROPHY awarded to the POTTERIES & DISTRICT MERIT winner was won for the first time by reigning AUTUMN WATERLOO champion, LEE BROWN who defeated MARK MELVIN 21-10 in the final. LEE won’t be at the ALL ENGLAND due to unavailability but will be looking at another attempt to win the CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS after losing in the Last 16 in 2023.


The CHESHIRE MERIT this year was held on the 15th June at GREAT MOOR SPORTS in STOCKPORT and was won by GLYNN COOKSON for the 6th time by defeating defending champion, ANDY HAMMAN 21-14. GLYNN just needs to add the CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS to his CV to achieve the same feat that GREG SMITH did last year & become the 6th person to win the SPRING WATERLOO (91), AUTUMN WATERLOO (01) & ALL ENGLAND (97) as well.


ISLE OF MAN week ended with JON PALMER becoming the JUNE FESTIVAL winner by beating CASTLEFIELDS teammate, CARL FIELDING 21-11 in the streamed final from NOBLES. They had defeated Yorkshire lads, JOE CRANSTON & JOSH MORDUE in the semi-finals.

 ISLE OF MAN week ended with JON PALMER becoming the JUNE FESTIVAL winner by beating CASTLEFIELDS teammate, CARL FIELDING 21-11 in the streamed final from NOBLES. They had defeated Yorkshire lads, JOE CRANSTON & JOSH MORDUE in the semi-finals.


The final two qualifying MERITS from SOUTH YORKSHIRE & WALES end this round up.


Sadly, the only details I could find were that JONNY SNEDDON won the SOUTH YORKSHIRE MERIT at BARNSLEY CENTRAL. Of the 16 counties, S YORKSHIRE is the worst county to find information about.


Despite some reservations about no bookie or alcohol being allowed at COEDPOETH BC, the WREXHAM area venue chosen to hold the GWYN MORRIS WELSH SENIOR MERIT, FRANCIS PENLINGTON won the event by beating CHRIS CHARLTON 21-20 in the final. FRANCIS made it a double as he had already won the WELSH VETS title in 2024.


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