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£5 to every Fantasy Winter League entrant

We are giving £5 to all entrants to the new free-to-enter Fantasy Winter League competition. Plus they all get the chance to win the £70 in Well Bowled Sales Vouchers for the top 3 end-of-season performers in our free-to-enter competition. Every entrant will receive a free £5 sales voucher to be redeemed with Well Bowled before 31 March 2023 when you spend a minimum of £30 with them.

The format of the competition will be familiar to regular participants and this season's competition is designed to be very simple. Just select one team in each of the 5 Divisions of the Huddersfield Winter League. Every point each of your selected teams win goes towards your points total. That's all there is to it. Nothing more to do other than sit back and watch the points mount up!

The one with the most points at the end of the season will collect the £40 Sales Voucher to spend with Well Bowled. The runner-up will get a £20 voucher and a £10 voucher is for the third-placed individual.

In the event of a tie for any of those positions then the Tie-Breaker comes into play. In your entry, you have to guess the number of points that the end-of-season winner of Division 1 will total over the season. The nearest guess wins.

Entry is FREE and open to all bowlers in Huddersfield. So bowlers get your entry in now and then also enter another in your wife/partner/teammate's name.

Last season's final league tables are alongside to help you in selecting your top 5 teams. However with 13 new teams of broadly unknown capability it is a bit of a lottery so giving everyone an equal chance of coming out on top. Just complete the Entry Form below before the closing date which is 11am on Monday 10 October. The Winter League fixture programme starts at 11.30am on that day.

It is all a bit of Winter fun and a lot of luck as well as giving you a team to follow in each of the Divisions of the Winter League right through the 2022-23 season.

The competition is open to all local bowlers. You don't have to bowl in the Winter League, in fact you don't have to bowl in any League but you do have to be a member of a Huddersfield area bowling club to qualify to enter. You can overwrite an earlier entry at any time prior to the deadline by just submitting another entry. So enter one now - you can always change it later.

We have 39 entries to date and it would be good to get it up to 50 before tomorrow's deadline. Your Entry Form is below and the closing date is 11.00am Monday 10 October 2022.

Your Lucky Dip Entry Form is at the foot of this page. That is where we complete your entry on your behalf.

Opt for the LUCKY DIP ENTRY FORM where we select your 5 teams for you.

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