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4 more teams withdraw from Saturday League

League News

With the Saturday League opening their fixture programme this Saturday the last thing the Fixture Secretary wants is for any team to pull out at this late notice. Four have done as reported on the League's facebook page (copy below). The problem will not have been helped by the Bowlsnet data loss this morning which at the time of writing (11.45am) this report means that no access to the Huddersfield League fixtures is available at all.


URGENT NOTICE - Men's Saturday Bowling

There have been some significant changes to the fixtures and green allocations across all leagues including fixtures for this weekend. Please double check on Bowlsnet where you are playing, your opponents and if your green is hosting a game.

Division 4 fixtures and greens have been completely changed manually so please let me know if there are any errors. Due to drop outs the fixtures for this league have shortened by 2 weeks and will now finish on 18th September along with the rest of the divisions.

Now on to the not so put it quite frankly I am absolutely livid with what has gone on. Since last week I have had 4 teams drop out, 3 of which dropped out after the fixtures were finished last weekend and 1 of which informed me today.

I appreciate that a lot of teams are struggling to get players but teams have had plenty of time to work out how many players they will have and plenty of time to let me know. To put it into perspective it roughly takes me 6 hours straight to put the fixtures together and manually input them into bowlsnet. I am now on the 3rd edition of fixtures and about 20 hours of my time to get to this point.

That aside, I hope everyone enjoys the coming season and that it's been worth all the hassle.

Note games starts at 2pm which seems to have been forgotten in the year off.

Huddersfield Exec. Committee

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