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2 Teams face expulsion from Sub-Team KO

Veterans League

Two teams played ineligible bowlers in the opening round of the Sub-Team KO yesterday and now face expulsion from this year's competition. Both teams played bowlers who played for their 'A' teams in the opening round of the Team KO the previous week. The League rules don't allow for bowlers to play in the Sub-Team KO after playing in the higher-level competition.

The League's KO Competition rule h) says:

In team knockout competitions A team players in the initial round(s) cannot play for a B or C team in subsequent rounds.

The Team KO and Sub-Team KO are regarded as the same competition with the division of teams applied from the outset. This rule was introduced by the clubs two years ago after a spate of Sub-Team KO results over the previous 5 years had been skewed by the selective playing of 'A' team bowlers. None of these was outside of the rules at that time but the actions did provoke some ill-will and so the clubs decided to take action, hence the new rule being introduced 2 years ago.

The League's Team KO and Sub-Team KO Competition rule c) says:

Team Knockout. Any player(s) having played in the current season's Team Knockout cannot play in any team allocated to the Sub-Team Knockout in the current season. Any other possible player exclusion(s) to this rule must be referred to the Competition Secretary for a final decision.

In addition League KO rule j) says: Any team playing an ineligible bowler in a Knock-Out match shall be expelled from that competition for that season. Clubs and players transgressing this rule may be fined as determined by the Management Committee.

Lindley Lib 'B' and Almondbury BC 'B' being the two teams who broke this rule. Lindley Lib 'B' beat Marsh Lib 160-154 which, if the rule is applied, will put Marsh Lib back in the competition to play David Brown Sports in Round 2. Almondbury BC 'B' lost their Round 1 match 148-149 to Linthwaite Hall so unless a financial penalty is applied will not be penalised further.

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Martin Holt
Martin Holt
May 04, 2022

Lindley Lib B guilty as charged 😡 A genuine mistake that shouldn't have happened.


May 04, 2022

The rules above are clear. What I didn’t appreciate was that a B team bowler can play in the B team competition, then move up and play for the A team competition and then in a later round move back down to play in the B team competition.

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