1983 Ladies Handicap at Linthwaite Hall

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Ladies Week


July 1983: Valley Hire Centre Handicap

The 1983 staging of this sponsored competition at Linthwaite Hall had attracted a strong field including previous winner Olive Parr, the last two winners of the Huddersfield Ladies Merit, Doris Seale and Iris Nuttal as well as the 1983 Elland Merit winner Iris Gwynne. Also featuring May Carter (Broad Oak) and Bessie Nunns (Longwood) who had both reached every one of the previous four finals day of this competition.

The weather had the last shout as heavy rain all day, interspersed with thunder and lightening eventually led to a flooded green and abandonment of the final with the two Iris' ready to do battle. They halved the £180 prize money and will both hold the trophy for six months.

Another Ladies All Our Yesterdays memory tomorrow as we go back to the year 2000 to report on two Ladies Merit Finals in one week - one local, one national.

Umbrella time for the four semi-finalists in the Valley Hire Centre Handicap. Left to right: Olive Parr, Iris Gwynne, Michael Cavanagh of the sponsors, Gladys Rose and Iris Nuttall.

1st Round: I.Nuttall (Meltham) 21-15 M.Snowball (Golcar Liberal)

B.Moxon (Outlane) 21-13 A.Carter (Bradford)

M.Farmer (Cocliffe Liberal) 21-13 B.Nunns (Longwood)

G.Ross (Sheffield) 21-15 D.Seale (Hove Edge)

O.Parr (Longwood) 21-13 S.Kolat (Bradley)

G.Bradbury (Friezland) 21-18 M.Carter (Broad Oak)

I.Gwynne (Almondbury Con) 21-7 P.Sykes (Linthwaite Hall)

N.Bates (Halifax) 21-16 E.Blackburn (Linthwaite Hall)

Quarter-Finals: Nuttall 21-19 Moxon; Nunns 21-20 Farmer; Parr 21-8 Bradbury; Gwynne 21-17 Bates

Semi-Finals: Nuttall 21-12 Ross; Gwynne 21-19 Parr

FINAL: Abandoned

Thank you to The Huddersfield Examiner for permission to reproduce the photograph.

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