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100 Entries for Winter Cup and still counting

Winter League

We are spot on the 100 milestone mark for the number of entrants for the 2nd holding of the Winter Cup. What an absolutely outstanding achievement. Thank you to all that have entered which sends out a formidable message to the local bowling community about what is possible. So the eventual winner really will be 'One in a Hundred'. It could even be more as the closing date is not until Wednesday 1st February.

The postponement of some of the Division 3 league matches recently has shifted the dates back and that has allowed some bowlers who were originally unavailable for the published playing dates now available. It has also worked the opposite way with refunds given to bowlers who cannot make the revised dates for the qualifying rounds.

That also means that the deadline for entries can be, and has been extended to, Wednesday 1 February. The deadline is 3.00pm with the draw for the five qualifying rounds being made at 1.00pm on Thursday 2 February at Netherton Cons. Interested individuals are invited to be present for the holding of the draw in the clubhouse at Netherton Cons at that time.

Entry numbers by division received to date are: Division 1 - 19 entries Division 2 - 23 entries

Division 3 - 13 entries

Division 4 - 19 entries

Division 5 - 26 entries

The format of the competition sees each of the 5 divisions holding their own qualifying rounds involving just bowlers from each division bowling on their usual host green to find that division's best bowlers to progress through to the Last 16.

Entrants will be competing for the perpetual trophy donated by Garry Senior and Tony Butterfield. Last year the competition was well supported with 60 entries and Lindley BC bowler, Steve Haigh running out the first-ever winner at Milnsbridge in early-April.

Once again we will be holding Qualifying Round days for each of the five divisions of the League. These will be held on the usual 'home' green for each division.

The Qualifying Rounds (11.30am start time): Division 1 (Milnsbridge): Wednesday 15 February (4 qualifiers go through to the Last 16)

Division 2 (Springwood): Wednesday 15 February (4 qualifiers)

Division 3 (Thorpe Green): Monday 6 February (4 qualifiers)

Division 4 (Lindley Lib): Monday 6 February (2 qualifiers)

Division 5 (Netherton Con): Thursday 9 February (2 qualifiers)

This is the last call for entries for the 2023 Winter Cup. The closing date is 3.00pm on Wednesday 1 February 2023.

We have definitely under-estimated the number of entries. This will have an impact on the format of some Qualifying Rounds. For example at Netherton Con where we already have 26 entries. Bowling down to two qualifiers is going to mean 4 rounds (22 matches) before we know who is going through. That could take 5 hours!! There are a few alternatives to reducing that time span which is too long to keep (old) people outside on a winter's day. So we are probably looking to play all the matches at Netherton as 15-Up instead of 21-Up. That should take the timespan down to three-and-a-half hours similar to a normal league matchday.

The Closing date for entry is Wednesday 1 February at 3pm. You can use the online form at the foot of this page or paper forms are available at each League matchday before the closing date. Entrants must have played a minimum of four league matches before the end of the season to qualify for this competition.

Anyone who has already entered but cannot now play because of the date changes is entitled to a refund of their entry fee as long as they withdraw from the competition before the date of the draw (2 February).

The draw for the 5 Qualifying Rounds will be made in the clubhouse at Netherton Con on Thursday 2 February at 1.00pm. Everyone is invited to witness the draws which will be published on the HuddWeb website on Friday 3 February.

The top four bowlers from the Division 1, Division 2 and Division 3 qualifying events will progress through to the next stage along with the top two bowlers from the Division 4 and Division 5 qualifying days. This split is required to get down to 16 bowlers for the later stages of the competition. All bowlers will play off scratch in the Qualifying Round.

All the qualifiers will progress to the Round of the Last 16 which will be played at Springwood on Wednesday 12 April with a 1.00pm start time. The Round of the Last 16 becomes a straight knock-out competition and handicaps will be introduced for this stage and going forward. The actual handicaps are still to be agreed but are likely to be +2 for Division 2 bowlers, +3 for Division 3, +4 for Division 4 and +5 for Division 5 bowlers. All Division 1 bowlers will always play off Scratch.

The Round of the Last 16 will see each qualifier playing one game with the 8 winners progressing through to Finals Day.

Continuing the intention to rotate the Finals Day to be shared among the host greens the venue this season will be Springwood. The date of Finals Day has been set as Sunday 16 April as a Sunday provides some additional parking spaces adjacent to the green.

The competition will be staged immediately upon the conclusion of the League seasons on each green. Taking into account that the last day of the League season varies in each division sees the following schedule of dates and rounds. Please be aware that the dates are very weather dependent with any postponed league matches between now and the date of the qualifying rounds taking precedence over cup matches.


Last day of League Season

Qualifying Round

Last 16



Wed 8 Feb

Wed 15 Feb


Wed 8 Feb

Wed 15 Feb

Wed 12 April

Sunday 16 April

3-Thorpe Green

Mon 30 Jan

Mon 6 Feb

4-Lindley Lib

Mon 30 Jan

Mon 6 Feb

5-Netherton Con

Thurs 2 Feb

Thurs 9 Feb

Please check your availability on the dates for each of the 3 rounds of the competition before submitting your entry. The Closing date for entry is Wednesday 1 February at 3pm. Entrants must have played a minimum of four league matches before the end of the season to qualify for this competition.

You can now enter using the form below or by a paper form available on your League matchdays at your usual green. Entry fees of £3 per bowler should be submitted before the date of the qualifying rounds. Payment can be made in cash or by BACS transfer. No cheques please as our bank now levies a 40p per cheque processing charge.

The League's bank details for a BACS transfer are Account Name: Huddersfield Winter League Account No. 64667778

Sort Code: 40-25-10

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