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10 New bowling coaches

Bowling News

The training session for new bowling coaches to cover the Huddersfield area was held at Lindley BC yesterday with 10 trainees on the one-day course presented by a BCGBA Coach Bowls qualified teacher. The day was divided between classroom and hands-on sessions as the trainees were taken through a regimented approach to training a new bowler and how to run a training session.

There were 15 original applicants to join the session but a number of withdrawals took the number to turn up on the day down to just ten. Each trainee had been nominated by a local league with their place being funded through a grant from Yorkshire Sport.

1. Karen Gant (Huddersfield Ladies)

2. Shaz Ayub (Huddersfield Juniors)

3. Geoff Martin (Huddersfield Juniors)

4. Mick Haigh (Huddersfield Juniors) WITHDRAWN

5. Julie Robson (Huddersfield Juniors)

6. Angela Horner (Huddersfield Ladies)

7. Garry Senior WITHDRAWN Clash with Inter-District match

8. Jim Baxter (Huddersfield Winter League)

9. Mark Sykes (Huddersfield Juniors)

10. Stephen Halsall (Huddersfield Juniors) WITHDRAWN

11. Nick Stenhouse (Huddersfield Veterans)

12. Darren Goodall (Huddersfield Juniors)

13. Silva Scott (Huddersfield Ladies Afternoon League)

14. Andrea Buckley WITHDRAWN

15. Terry Brook WITHDRAWN

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