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The first formal posting on the YCGBA (have they changed their name?) Facebook page since July 2020 went online yesterday about the return to bowling. Nothing relating to this matter has come through their official channels however that is not unusual but we do replicate that statement here with a 'health warning'. This is the statement.

On Monday 8th March we attended a Sport England briefing on ‘Return to Play’ with sport-specific guidance expected from the government via DCMS by Monday 29th March, which is the same day as Step 1 of the government roadmap. At Step 1 we expect affiliated clubs to be able to open and return to play based on the ‘Rule of 6’ and from 12th April Step, 2 is likely to allow outdoor catering on-site, changing rooms to be open, and the easing of travel restrictions. Step 3 from Monday 17th May means larger groups should be able to gather at clubs (no number involved yet known) and inside catering to take place with restrictions and, finally, Step 4 from Monday 21st June should allow the easing of all restrictions.

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL GUIDANCE. As soon as we are in a position to provide full, DCMS approved guidance for our affiliated clubs we will do so. We are conscious there are lots of questions and we are as eager as you for them to be answered. Please be patient and bear with us.

Not sure how much credence you can put on this report as it is not entirely in keeping with the actual report on the Bowls England website which it says it is. That Bowls England posting was made on 8 March and repeated on the YCGBA Facebook page on 19 March so hardly breaking news but the YCGBA obviously thinks it is worth posting on their Facebook page.

This scattergun approach to communications opens up yet another new way of communicating from YCGBA or more correctly, YCCGBA, as they have not previously used this page for anything since 11 July 2020. So this statement comes with a health warning but in the absence of anything else is replicated here. Don't bother going to the YCCGBA website to check as that has been abandoned and there is nothing new on there since 20 January 2021.

In a world where it has never been easier to communicate do some organisations fail to grasp the basics of the opportunity that technology gives them?

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