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World Club Championship 2022 at Spen Victoria

Bowling News

The 2022 World Club Championship programme has been published with the competition starting next month at Spen Victoria. The last time this was played was in 2019, the first time it was held at the impressive Spen Victoria Club and was won by the Greville Arms representing Warwick & Worcester.

The holders have not qualified this year, and it is left to the George Warley and Kings Heath Park to try and take the trophy back to Warwick and Worcester. Probable favourites will be the local league favourites Lower Hopton WMC and their fierce rivals Pudsey BC. There are a few past winners to have qualified and they are Parkfield, Lower Hopton and George Warley and they will all be looking to reclaim the trophy.

The finals day is Sunday 17th April, and every match will be played at Spen Victoria Cricket, Bowling & Athletic Club (Spen Lane, Gomersal, Cleckheaton BD19 4PJ) and will start at 11am.

The four Sundays before then will stage the qualifying rounds, all to be played at Spen Victoria and they are:


Top Green:

Pudsey (Yorkshire) v Norton Sports & Social (Potteries & District)

Holme (Cumbria) v New Street (Greater Manchester)

Bottom Green:

Willenhall Nordley (Staffordshire) v Dearne Sports (South Yorkshire)

Wrockwardine Wood (Shropshire) v Birchley St Marys (Merseyside)


Top Green:

South Ramsey (Isle of Man) v Wharton Cons (Cheshire)

Police (Cumbria) v George Warley (Warwick & Worcester)

Bottom Green:

Atherstone Cons (North Midlands) v Lower Hopton WMC (Yorkshire)

Parkfield (North Lancs & Fylde) v Springbank (Greater Manchester)


Top Green:

Copeswood (North Midlands) v Alvaston & Boulton (Derbyshire)

Catcliffe (South Yorkshire) v M&B Cheslyn Hay (Staffordshire)

Bottom Green:

Gladstone (Merseyside) v Ravine (Lancashire)

Coed Talon (Wales) v Lightwood (Potteries & District)


Top Green:

St Georges (Shropshire) v Castle Sports (Cheshire)

Llay Welfare (Wales) v Foulridge (North Lancs & Fylde)

Bottom Green:

Kings Heath Park (Warwick & Worcester) v Woolstanton High Street (British Parks)

Fairfield (Derbyshire) v Woolston Sports & Social (Lancashire)

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