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A couple of weeks ago I posted the story of the Worst Green in Huddersfield from 1988 when Arena84 was awarded a wooden spoon for being voted the worst green by clubs in the Huddersfield League.

Bill Blackburn has commented on the story and added a little more about it and also asks the question 'Where is the wooden spoon now?' Does anyone know?

Very interesting story about the wooden spoon, I think it was 1988 when Stewart Richardson came up with the idea. Stewart used to look after a few greens (he was found dead on Milnsbridge Lib green) as did I, and he came up with the idea of the wooden spoon, not to knock the club, but to try and encourage its members to do something about it.

We both helped Crosland Moor Lib when things were turning ugly, when the man who bought the club wanted to close the green. The green was saved by a concerted effort of its members and Clr Molly Walton.

The club was struggling for money and Stewart and I put a lot of work into getting the green back to a good standard. That year at the annual prize presentation evening Stewart and I both received silver tankards, engraved ''Many thanks for the help when we needed it most.' I still have it on display.

But what happened to the spoon and who received it last?

Bill Blackburn

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