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Winter League

An update on the latest developments in the Winter League in preparation for the fourth season which opens in October. This includes notice of one team withdrawal, an update on the new host green, current start dates by division and all the things that team captains should be doing before the season starts.

  1. Team withdrawal Paddock I&C 'B' have withdrawn from the League because of 'unforeseen circumstances' which will reduce the number of teams in Division 5 to eight. They are hopeful of returning to the Winter League in 2024.

  2. New host green Discussions are ongoing with two of the three clubs that expressed an interest in becoming the replacement for Thorpe Green as the host green for the Division 3 competition. There is a meeting planned with one club for later this week which we hope will be followed shortly by an announcement of arrangements for the 2023-24 season.

  3. Start dates Current known start dates are below but are still subject to change: Division 1 - Milnsbridge - Wednesday 25 October Division 2: Springwood - Wednesday 25 October Division 3: new host green still to be announced Division 4: Lindley Lib - Monday 16 October Division 5: Netherton Con - Thursday 19 October Division 6: Huddersfield RUFC - Thursday 12 October

  4. New bowler registrations All bowler registrations have to be via the League Secretary. Teams can register new bowlers at any stage through the season as long as they haven't played for any other Winter League team. Bowlers can only play for ONE TEAM in a season. Bowlers cannot switch between A and B teams from the same club. No in-season transfers are permitted. Any number of guest bowlers can be registered with a team but only one guest bowler per match is permitted to play.

  5. Emergency contacts Each team should have at least one (and can have up to three) emergency contact phone numbers which will be contacted in the event of adverse weather causing the matchday cancellation of any fixtures. Teams are asked to ensure that these numbers are still valid for the start of the new season.

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