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Winter League: Change to bowling day

Updated: Jun 16

Winter League

The League has been notified by Lindley Liberal Club that they need to change the weekly day of matches to be played on their green for the 2024-25 Winter League season.

To ensure that they have a full support (admin and catering) team in place to service the needs of the Division 4 teams for next season they need to change their playing date from Mondays. The requirement is to change all Division 4 fixtures at Lindley Lib to be played on Wednesdays for the 2024-25 season.

This may introduce problems for some teams and all those likely to be affected have already been circulated by the League and asked that question. This is obviously difficult with the planned intent to reduce the number of teams in each Division to eight and new teams already signed up for the new season. Any team that has already been contacted should respond to that email to advise the League of their circumstances.

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