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Winter League 2023-24 season fixtures published

Winter League

The fill fixture programme for the 2023-24 season has now been published on Bowlsnet.

The opening dates for each division are determined by the host club and vary due to clubs having different end-of-the-summer-season green maintenance programmes.

The start dates for each division are:

Division 1: Milnsbridge - Wednesday 25 October

Division 2: Springwood - Wednesday 25 October

Division 3: Primrose Hill Lib - Monday 2 October

Division 4: Lindley Lib - Monday 16 October

Division 5: Netherton Con - Thursday 19 October

Division 6: Huddersfield RUFC (Lockwood Park) - Thursday 5 October

With all six divisions having nine teams it means that every team will have two blank weeks during the course of the season. Remember that the 'home' team, which is the first named team on Bowlsnet, decides the running order of games (pairs and singles) and also has the jack for all three games on that day.

You can print off your full fixture programme by division to share with your team mates. Just download the respective division programme as below and print the two pages back-to-back, fold it in half for a handy programme to use right through the season.

Print off your own 2023-24 Fixture Programme

Scroll down to print off the division fixture programme for your team

Now download and print off the division's fixtures which covers your team's 2023-24 fixture programme. Print back-to-back, fold in half for your own fixture booklet.


WinterLeague2023 Division1 Fixtures
Download PDF • 79KB


WinterLeague2023 Division2 Fixtures
Download PDF • 79KB


WinterLeague2023 Division3 Fixtures
Download PDF • 79KB


WinterLeague2023 Division4 Fixtures
Download PDF • 79KB


WinterLeague2023 Division5 Fixtures
Download PDF • 79KB


WinterLeague2023 Division6 Fixtures
Download PDF • 80KB
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Karen Rausse
Karen Rausse
Sep 01, 2023

Thanks Jeff x

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