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Winter Cup shock

Winter League

The Last 20 contestants for the Winter Cup met on Wednesday in winter weather to determine the final 8 bowlers who have progressed through to Sunday's Finals Day. One big shock was the exit of Division 1 bowler Lorraine Hirst who went down 20-21 to John Sunter of Division 4 side Huddersfield Recreation Club 'B'.

With the four remaining scratch bowlers all in the top half of the draw the expectation was that these four would move smoothly through to the Quarter-Finals but that isn't how it all panned out. Straightforward wins for Tim Poulter, Edwin Haigh and Ian Briggs saw them claim their places in the Finals Day line-up and along with John Sunter they will be vying for the one place in the Final that is open to them.

In the other half of the draw and final four are two bowlers from Division 2 and two bowlers from Division 5. The two Division 2 bowlers are Stuart Greaves and Jim Baxter and they will be the favourites to progress to the semi-finals at the expense of Graham Sykes and Ray Clayton but both have to concede a 3-point start to their matches which may stretch them all the way.

Although the weather was very unsettled there was a good crowd assembled to enjoy the spectacle as supporters got behind their respective teammates as well as enjoying the hospitality of their hosts from Springwood. There were only three lady bowlers in the Last 20 and they were all eliminated at the first stage of Wednesday's rounds.

The bowlers will be back again at Springwood for Finals Day when the BCGBA dresscode will apply which means black or navy blue trousers with collared shirts. The weather forecast is better for Sunday (16 April) and with some relaxed parking rules in at least one road adjacent to the Springwood green it is hoped that another good crowd will assemble. There is a 1.00pm start time for the climax of the Winter League's only individual knock-out competition.

Coming soon: Action photographs from Springwood on Wednesday.

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