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Winter Cup Round 1 draws

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Winter Cup

The draw for the opening rounds of the Winter Cup were held at the End-of-Season Meeting yesterday. This brand new competition will have qualifying rounds played on each of our three host greens. These will be between bowlers that have been based at each green right through the 2021-22 season. The top two qualifiers from each venue will progress through to Finals Day along with the two best losers across all three greens. That will give us eight qualifiers to go through to Finals Day which will be played at Milnsbridge BC on Thursday 14 April starting at 1:00pm.

The Division 3 Qualifying Rounds will be played at Thorpe Green on Friday 8 April starting at 1:00pm. This is the straight-forward draw involving the 16 entrants from Division 3 teams.

The Division 2 Qualifying Rounds will be played at Springwood on Thursday 7 April starting at 1:00pm. Two bowlers play in the opening round to bring the numbers down to 16 who will then go on to contest Round 2.

The Division 1 Qualifying Rounds will be played at Milnsbridge BC on Wednesday 6 April starting at 12noon (note the earlier start time). With 27 entrants meaning that 22 of them will contest the opening round bringing the total down to 16 when adding the 5 who have Round 1 byes who will go on from there.

The Winter Cup has been donated to the League by Kirkheaton Con bowlers Tony Butterfield and Garry Senior who are both in the draw for the Division 1 Qualifying Round. In future years we expect to incorporate the Winter Cup into the winter season programme but we ran out of time this year, hence the April start.

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