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Winter Cup photoshoot and more

Winter League

Thirty-five photographs from Sunday's Winter Cup Finals Day at Springwood where the sun did shine especially on winner Ian Briggs. The previous report covers all the match details but today we concentrate on the photographic record of proceedings.

Ian Briggs really is one in a hundred after progressing through the rounds after 104 bowlers started out with hopes of reaching Finals Day. A good crowd was once again in attendance and the weather was hazily warm, the beer was cold but the sausage rolls could be hot or cold depending on your preference. John's home-made soup goes down well any weather and sold out as usual.

Once again the Final has been dubbed the Arm Band Final as a bowler in each pair wore a coloured armband which related back to the free programme and the match scoreboards. In addition Bob Haigh, between taking photos, was keeping the scores up to date on Bowlsnet Live keeping anyone accessing the Bowlsnet website up to date with all the match scores as they happened.

Lots of thanks to add - all the bowlers, spectators, scorers, measurers, catering crew, referee Ray Tunnacliffe, not forgetting the generous donation of the Winter Cup by Garry Senior and Tony Butterfield to all contribute to another good day to add to the Winter League's growing and impressive history.

Use the side arrows to scroll through these 35 photos taken by Bob Haigh

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