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Where/What is Homfray B.C.?


Earlier in the week we posted the article about the 1986 Mirfield League tables showing a tie at the top of Division 1 with a 3,312 aggregate total enabling Mirfield Old Bank to claim the title by one aggregate point over the 3,311 total collected by Morton House.

Interesting though that was, there were a couple of other things that caught Bill Blackburn's eye from that posting. One being the number of Huddersfield District teams in the Mirfield League and Bill counted 65 of the 100 teams coming from Huddersfield. In addition Bill asked the question about the Division IX table which included Homfray BC - 'where on earth is Homfray?'

Google failed to come up with the answer to that one. Does anyone know anything about Homfray B.C. the team that played in the Mirfield League in 1986? Contact us

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Martin Holt
Martin Holt
24 mars 2023

There was a carpet manufacturer called Homfray. Although it was based in Sowerby Bridge it also had some subsidary companies in the Birstall area. The mill in Sowerby bridge had a small bowling green on the site. Homfray BC could possibly have been a works team and it would be interesting to know where they actually played.

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