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'What would you do?' responses

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Earlier in the week I posted the following poser about the rules of bowling and you responded as invited. First a recall of the problem:

I received this scenario from a source who wishes to remain anonymous to save any embarrassment to either bowler as it happened recently in a local match.

If you were the match referee and this happened what would you do?

1.. Bowler A throws off the jack.

2. Bowler B then sets a mark with the jack but bowls his own bowl ( I stress not his opponents bowl) out of turn.

3. Bowler A draws attention to this.

4. Bowler B then goes to fetch his own bowl and also brings back the jack.

5. Much confusion on the green and among the spectators.

6. Bowler A now says that he should have the jack and proceeds to set a mark and bowls his first bowl.

7. Bowler B forfeits one of his own bowls and only bowls one bowl.

What should have happened?

Maybe one of the referees that read the website would care to put their head above the parapet?

What you responded with

Jim Baxter, Milnsbridge BC

A bit of a puzzle set by the two bowlers when a wood was played out of turn and then to make things more complicated the jack was brought back.

First of all rule 5.12 says that the bowl should be returned and played in its proper turn ( no penalty).

But the jack had also been returned and in my opinion this causes a void end.

Rule 4.10 says that the first attempt to set a new mark after a void end shall be set by the same player who set the mark in the void end.

This is my personal interpretation and others may have a different view. To progress with the game and with no referee in attendance the two bowlers should agree between themselves who should set the mark for the next end. But no one should have forfeited a wood. The game can then continue and even if the wrong player sets the mark in strict accordance with the rules no one has been disadvantaged greatly.

Anonymous Comment posted on HuddWeb Ok firstly bowler A is responsible for making sure bowler B doesn't send his wood, which is purely a mistake, and does happen. So he went to fetch his wood, he should have left the jack. As he brought back the jack he should have then been allowed to attempt to set a mark. Then bowler A could send his first bowl, then B , then A s second and Bs second.

Qualified referee Glynis Philbin, Lindley BC It was A's responsibility to make sure that B doesn’t bowl his wood.

Then when B went to collect the bowl he should have left the jack alone, as he didn’t he should have then been given the opportunity to resend the jack, this time he wouldn’t send his bowl by mistake.

Then the game would continue as normal with A sending the first wood – then B then A then B.

Qualified Referee Karen Rausse, Lindley BC

Having looked through the rules , I can't see an answer that everyone would agree too, my opinion would be bowler A to take the jack again and carry on as normal, to set a mark and throw his wood then B to throw his wood as normal , but B not to lose the second wood

PS: in the first place it was a mistake by the B bowler

G. Chapman As the wood bowled by bowler B is bowled out of turn it should have been returned to bowler B and bowler A should have bowled his first bowled then the end continue as normal

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