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What would you do? 14 answers

Bowling News

Last week we asked the question....

What would you do if along with a rep from the opposing team you had measured an end in a pairs match and then one of the bowlers asked for it to be measured again?

Would you ...

  1. Measure again as requested?

  2. Refuse to measure again as the two measurers were happy with the deed?

  3. Ask what was wrong with the first measure?

  4. Or some other response?

Maybe the official referees among our regular visitors would like to express a view on this?

Anyone can use the Comment facility at the foot of this page or Contact Us to share your thoughts on this matter.

We had a total of 14 responses including those discussed among members of the WhatsApp Discussion Group which you can still join. Here is a selection of Huddersfield bowlers' responses:

Not a Referee but I believe that once the measurers, one from each team, have determined and agreed the outcome of the end, their decision is final. Richard Pearcey, Greenhead Park

Ask what was wrong with the first measure then measure again. Alan Starkey, Meltham

Measure again! Chucky

Refuse to measure again. How many times are we going to measure, the best of three, or just until the objector gets the result they want ???? Bob Haigh, Hudd. Rec. Club

As the 2 people measured were happy that result should stand. Geoff Dyson, Netherton Con

I would happily measure it again measures are not always right l personally have seen people cheating and have had it done to me Linda Gledhill, New Mill

Some people measure so badly I would sometimes like to request an alternative measurer  Lynda Drury, New Mill

Well if someone was incapable of measuring correctly .. this could be for various reasons…I would certainly ask for someone else to do it. It is the responsibility of the home club to provide capable people to do the job .. maybe a few lessons and demonstrations wouldn’t go amiss.  Bernie Toon, Kirkheaton C&BC

Surely in 2023 when all other sports use modern technology for scoring decisions and a second opinion, a remeasure for what is after all two persons using a bit of string should be acceptable without question  Mike Ralph, Springwood

I would just measure it again. If it makes the bowler happy then do it. Would be very unwilling to do a third measure. Alan Hobson, Thorpe Green

Rule 8 measuring. Rule 8.2 When an end is being measured, all players must stand away and not interfere with the actions of either the Referee or Measurer(s). Asking for a remeasure could be classed as interfering. Bob Haigh, Hudd. Rec. Club

As a fully qualified Referee I have never refused to measure again

Why would I?

If asked to remeasure it’s because a player can’t believe their eyes have deceived them

( I’ve been guilty of it and would have bet on it )

Nowhere in any rule does it state that asking for a second measure is interfering!

What is an absolute no no is once measured a measurer will tip the bowl in and declare “this is on or can’t touch “

This is in effect denying a second measure and smacks of arrogance and or cheating !! Bernie Toon, Kirkheaton C&BC

I would re-measure one more time, the measurer of the box has the last say Karen Rausse, Lindley BC

Usually I would do the measure again to confirm the first decision. It could be that a player had thought the jack or wood had moved. Or how tight or slack the line was. Measuring should be done carefully and correctly. The participants should step away and let the measures do their job unhindered. If a re-measure is done a final decision should be made by the person measuring and this must be accepted by all concerned. Only my personal opinion. Jim Baxter, Milnsbridge

If you have a bowling situation conundrum then share it with us and we will share it with the 300 readers a day that visit our website and see what they would do in that situation. Contact Us

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