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Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Bowling News

Welcome to HuddWeb the new Web Portal providing a web presence for bowling leagues in the Huddersfield area. Currently two leagues are HuddWeb members - the Winter League and the Ladies Works League.

Definition of 'portal'

noun - a website or web page providing access or links to other sites.

Winter League members have arrived here automatically by loading up their usual access to the site at This now provides an automatic forwarding function which brings you to this site at You may prefer to add this new site to your favourites to enable instant access in future. The Winter League website is now closed and has moved to HuddWeb and we will be closing down in due course so you cannot rely on that automatic forwarding service forever.

A special welcome to all the members of the Ladies Works League with your very first web presence of your league and exciting times ahead. Your Management Committee is keen to improve communications with its clubs and potential clubs and bowlers and sees the Web Portal as an important tool in providing that.

Let me walk you through some of the things already on the website as well as highlight some of the things we hope to add over the coming weeks.

There are two main sections to the Portal

  1. News postings

  2. Main website

Both sections are broken down to smaller sections and all can be accessed from the Homepage which can be accessed from every page via the top menu.

The Homepage ( is where you start. Currently this provides a scenic shot of the Broad Oak green and clubhouse. The Homepage photo will change on a regular basis to show off other local greens and things of interest to local bowlers. You can even submit your photos for inclusion on the Homepage and/or elsewhere on the site.

News Postings

We endeavour to provide a fresh news item every day of the week and have a track record of doing that over the last 5 years. The Homepage 'Latest News' postings will be updated at least once a day, usually at 7:00am each morning but other things may get added as they arise during the course of the day. Tomorrow I will tell you how to get an email notification each time a news item is added to the site so you won't miss anything at all.

The news is provided a little like TV News. There is the 'News at 6' followed by 'Look North' or 'Calendar' for ITV viewers. The Homepage is the equivalent of the 'News at 6' with every news item of interest to all Huddersfield area bowlers. Then the news is split down between each League (just like 'Look North' or 'Calendar'). So the Winter League and the Ladies Works League both have their own sections dedicated to their specific news items and other areas of interest.

Every news item starts out on the Homepage. You can always tell which is the news specific to your League by the title in the top left-hand corner of each news posting. There is nothing wrong in visiting the content of other leagues, in fact, you are encouraged to do so where you may learn something of interest and pick up good ideas for your own club.

We try to keep a balance of local and wider bowling news issues with previous reporting on such matters as the rules around greens reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic, Yorkshire CCGBA and the BCGBA have used us to pass on details of compliance matters enabling clubs to reopen; details of funding streams has also been another area where the sharing of information has benefitted many. We also like to pass on other items for the interest of bowlers such as the history of local clubs, articles on redundant greens, books on bowling, free online bowling magazines and lots more. Our Name the Green quiz every winter is well contested by showing a photograph of a small part of a local green and then challenging everyone to name that green.

To access the 'local news' sections for your league(s) you just need to select your League by clicking on the menu at the top of every page of the Portal. Click on your League name and that provides a drop-down menu where your local news is the top item. Click on that and you are up and running.

The 'Latest News' postings already on the Homepage go back over the past week and have been carried forward from the Winter league website for continuity purposes.

Main Website

The Winter League and the Ladies Works League both have their dedicated areas containing all their news, official business, stories, history, records and more all accessible from the top menu which is on every page of the website. Try them out, you can't damage anything and if you do get lost then just click on 'Home' in the top menu to take you back to the start where you can begin again.

We've already mentioned pulling up your League News via the Homepage top menu and now is the time to try some of the other options from the dropdown menu in your League section.

There are also general areas on the main website currently covering Bowlsnet, Bowling Matters and Miscellaneous areas. Take a look at each of these in turn from the top menu. Lots of information as well as links to other areas of interest.

You can always tell which part of the website you are currently in as every page is headed with the icons of the Portal or Individual Leagues.

That's Lesson One in finding your way around the Portal. Try it out now and see what you can find. More information will continue to be added to your League's area but will always be announced through the news postings first so that you don't miss anything.

Tomorrow I will explain how every individual can sign up to become a Member of HuddWeb and what benefits that will bring you. It is free, we are not after your money. Until then have a look around the site via the news postings or the top menu - have fun.

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