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Week 1 of Super League at Kirkheaton Cons

Club News

The Kirkheaton Super League held its first round of the 6 weeks of competition yesterday with Josh Brown taking the Week 1 prize of £20 and added 30points to his Super League total. All the results below with all the details of the competition are further down this page.

All the competition details ....


Open to all club bowlers

Running every Saturday from the 24th April through to the 29th May (6 weeks)

Each week a competition will be run, with a £3 entry fee per week (per each competition) and that will be paid out each week. Each competition will start at 13:30.

Along side this, a league will be run which will cost a one-off fee of £5 to enter.

Points in the league will be earned during each competition on the following basis:

Quarter finals-5 Points

Semi finals-10 Points

Runner up-20 Points

Winner-30 Points

At the end of the 6 weeks, the top 4 will be paid out based on their position in the league table, and the TOP 8 will be invited to the SUPER SUNDAY (30th May Bank Holiday)

This has taken a lot to organise so please please support the club.

And remember, the more you enter the more likely you are to accumulate points (and money).

The form below is for your use to inform us of anything happening in your club that you would like to share with all the website visitors. We look forward to hearing from you.

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