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Veterans' Rose Bowl tomorrow

Veterans League

Tomorrow it is the opening round of the Veterans League Rose Bowl competition being played on two greens. The draw for the opening rounds of the 2022 Veterans League Rose Bowl KO has now been made with 34 entries starting out in the quest to win the League's most prestigious individual trophy. The opening rounds will be played on two greens, Brockholes and the Rugby Club, on Thursday 9th June.

There is added interest this year as it is the first post-Covid holding of this competition with both of the finalists from the epic 2019 Final once again in the field. Holder Mick Cox of Lockwood Con faces another scratch bowler in Ian Briggs of Longwood in the first round. Tony Butterfield was the 2019 runner-up and he has a 3 handicap to face scratch bowler David Pollard of Cowcliffe.

There are two Preliminary Round matches to take the numbers down to 32 and they will be played on the same day as Round 1. The two winners of the Preliminary Round matches will then face each other on the same day in Round 1 at Brockholes.

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