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Veterans League proposed rule changes

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Veterans League

The League has received and circulated two proposed rule changes to be discussed and voted on at the Half-Year meeting in October. It seems that the two proposed rule changes are designed to tackle the same perceived problem of 6-man and 'B' teams struggling to field full teams. The following has been circulated to all clubs in the Veterans League.

The October General Meeting will now be on Tuesday 12 October and not the day printed in the year book. It will be at Paddock I&C starting at 2 pm. It will not be an AGM even though we missed holding an AGM in February this year. The Management Committee have agreed that the half-yearly meeting would be a celebration of the season with trophy presentations and a review of rule changes and annual subscriptions. We have two proposals for a rule change. Rule change 1, proposed by Netherton Conservative Club and seconded by Kirkheaton Conservative Club states: We, the undersigned, would like to propose a rule change. Instead of 10 men per team it is reduced to 8 men per team of which the format will be 2 pairs and 4 singles. Rule change 2, proposed by Marsh United and seconded by Slaithwaite C&BC states: Amendment of Rule 1c, Page 52. Delete played over 50% of the total number of league matches Replace with won 50% of the total number of league matches Background Assuming it is the intention that 6 man team eligibility continues to be basically available for all bowlers, with the intervention of holidays and illness related absences it is becoming increasingly difficult for Clubs to ensure players are still available to play in either 6 man teams and even Tuesday B teams under the present 50% plus match rule deadline. That has a growing propensity to lead lower teams to be struggling for bowlers. We feel our proposed change would extend further the time when players are generally available for all teams, and certainly past a good part of the holiday season. As an example, after the 18th round of matches played 13th August in Sections A and B, under our proposal only approximately 10 bowlers (A) and 15 bowlers (B) have reached our proposed deadline, as opposed to about 90 and 80 respectively at the 18th round as the rule presently stands. Our proposal would also mean that the more successful bowlers at the top level would be the ones limited from playing in lower teams It’s our opinion that if availability only continues as at presently constituted, it will ultimately, and possibly quickly, result in the loss of a number of teams. You have 42 days prior to the General Meeting to make a proposed rule change to the General Secretary. The proposal has to be proposed and seconded by two clubs. Any amendments to the proposal(s) have to be received by the General Secretary 28 days prior to the meeting. The Management Committee would urge all club reps to consult your bowlers on the rule changes and the successes and failures that we’ve had during the 2021 season.

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Sep 03, 2021

The proposal to prevent players from playing for their second team to be based on WINNING over 50% of the total number of league games I assume to be more than 13 games. ( total games are 26)

As at now, with 21 games played there are only 19 bowlers who have won more than 13 games Ie on average less than 2 bowlers per team. So this proposal certainly helps second teams infinitely more than the present rule. That’s fine.

But shouldn’t a fundamental aim of this rule be to prevent first team players being chosen towards the end of the season to help the second team to eg win promotion, avoid relegation or to win a knockout trophy…

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