Veterans League 50% rule never voted in by clubs

Veterans League

Veterans League clubs have never voted in support of the unpopular 50% Rule becoming part of its Rule Book. It was introduced by the Management Committee in January 2021 at a time when clubs were not allowed to meet due to Covid restrictions.

The Veterans League Management Committee is desperately seeking ways to protect the rule that they proposed in January last year. This 50% rule was put forward by the Management Committee and introduced in January 2021 at a time of Covid restrictions being in place so the voting on this proposed rule change was voted on by clubs responding by email. I am not aware that the returns from those individual clubs have ever been shown to anyone outside the Management Committee.

But it is worse than that as the Management Committee decided that any club that didn't respond to the email vote had actually voted in favour of the Management Committee's favour. So an abstaining club's vote went towards the result that the Committee wanted. How presumptuous is that? This of course is not covered anywhere in the rules but this body is long past following its own rules. A two-thirds majority vote is required to change any league rule which can be difficult to obtain but a lot easier when you introduce a way of adding 'none votes' to your own total.

So the controversial and unpopular 50% Rule has never been voted into the Rule Book in the mandated manner by the clubs.

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