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Tributes to Tony Emerson

A tribute to Tony Emerson from Alan Stephenson, HDVBA Treasurer and past President of YCCGBA.

Tony Emerson, a man known by everyone in Huddersfield bowling circles and by many more throughout Yorkshire and the BCGBA. Tony played at AlmondburyCon/Bowling Club for many years, a real stalwart of the club not just as a bowler, in his day a good Subscription Cup bowler, but as greenkeeper and helper. He was also greenkeeper at several other clubs in Huddersfield. He took great pride in his work always trying and mainly succeeding in producing fast running greens, the sort of greens that he relished bowling on.

Tony, with Margaret's help, was Secretary/Treasurer of the Huddersfield Conservative League for many years and for 15 years he was the Competition Secretary of the County Bowling Association. He excelled in both positions, his work being greatly appreciated by both organisations, but most importantly by the players themselves. In 2016 he was made a Life Member of the Yorkshire County Crown Green Bowling Association. For several years he was the away Manager of the Veterans Inter-District team, retiring in 2018 due to ill health.

Tony enjoyed being part of the bowling world, he enjoyed a drink and the camaraderie that went with it. He was good company, a true gentleman and he will be sorely missed.

Our thoughts and condolences are with his wife Margaret at this distressing time.

We have collected a selection of testimonials that individuals have posted on various platforms and reproduced them below.

My regards to Mags on the loss of Tony. I, like a lot more, have known him for a long number of years. He will be sorely missed. Brian Swift, Marsh United

Tony Emerson, a true bowling stalwart. I can’t imagine that there were many roles that he didn’t fulfil. A great lover of crown green bowling, and all-round top bloke. Sincere condolences to Margaret. Allan Dobson, Kirkheaton C&BC

Tony was the first bowler I ever played in the old Cons League. He slaughtered me, and we've been friends ever since. Condolences to Margaret. John Townend, Paddock I&C

I only ever saw Tony on or around a green, they just seemed to go together so well. He was always worth listening to when he talked about local bowlers and I always enjoyed his company. Jeff Jacklin, Kirkheaton Con

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