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Updated: Feb 28

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​A new era begins at Fleetwood Bowling Club this year.

After 114 years at The Waterloo Bowling Green in Blackpool, the competitions will be moving to their new venue at Fleetwood Bowling Club.

​ Losing the Waterloo Green and stadium of course is a big loss and we all wish it could have continued, but they had to move venue to continue the history of this great competition, they are still playing for the title of The Waterloo and who knows in another 114 years it could be just as famous as the original venue. Fleetwood BC was also the first-ever venue for The BCGBA Champion of Champions in 1910 and the 100th Anniversary was played at Fleetwood BC again in 2010 between Noel Burrows and Andy Spragg.

Fleetwood bowling club facilities include two greens No.1 Euston the larger of the two greens closest to the Euston hotel and the smaller No.2 floodlit green, both always well maintained and both having varied challenges.

The clubhouse sits between the two greens with a large function room with views to both greens, a bar and small kitchen area for snacks etc. A tram stop linked directly to Blackpool / Cleveleys sits alongside the property. Negotiations are in progress to secure a large parking facility within 100 metres of the greens especially during the finals week.

Suggested upgrades to bring the property in line to host larger crowds, please note these will be subject to available funds, for this reason work may be carried out in stages, obviously the sooner the better. Estimated costs of materials, labour etc is £45,000 as most are aware at this present time raw material costs are rising at quite an alarming rate which could affect these estimates. Erect a covered area on 3 sides of the Euston green approx 125 meters, and approx 50 metres around the floodlit green. Dig out existing banking & level with concrete base also raised at rear for improved viewing from fixed seating area.

Have steel support brackets manufactured to support the steel sheet roof. Roof sheets and timber braces to cover approx 175m length x 3m width. Permanent seating installed possibly two rows determined by available funds.

An area set out and concreted to house temporary toilet facilities especially during the September finals week.

Have steel safety rails manufactured fitted to certain areas of both greens.

Upgrade existing toilet facilities in the clubhouse to assist disabled access.

Labour costs to complete the work have been factored in however if anyone wishes to volunteer their services in that respect or help in any way you’re welcome to contact us.

If funds allow the possibility of irrigation systems on both greens (these are not included in the estimated work above).

All monies donated will be used to finance the improvements and ensure the future of the once Waterloo events.

Take a look around their website, you will find information on how to enter the Waterloo competitions, results, latest news and much much more.

Competitions for 2022 include The famous Autumn Waterloo, The Spring Waterloo, The Ladies Autumn Waterloo and for the first time in 2022 The new Ladies Spring Waterloo which will run as a one day 64, we also have The Junior Waterloo, The Over 50s one day 64, and two one day pairs comps with the Mixed and the open pairs,

There is also a brand new event in the Crown Green Masters which will take place on the Friday right after Wednesdays Autumn Waterloo Final to complete a fantastic week of bowling which will also take in The Ladies Talbot Trophy and The Men's Talbot trophy which takes place on the day after the Autumn Waterloo.

An ariel view of the location of Fleetwood Bowling Club

All the major competition dates for September are listed below and all the 16 qualifying dates are also itemised to be held in July and August.

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