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The final Marsh KO qualifier

Club News

The last of the eight qualifying rounds of the Marsh United £2,200 KO was held on Saturday with Lower Hopton bowler Liam Griffin joining the 7 already qualified bowlers who will line up for the top prize next Saturday.

Marsh United Bowling Club £2200 Competition 2021

Eighth and Final Qualifying Round

Saturday July 31st - 6:00pm practise and 6:30pm start

First Round

Ross Mallinson 21-6 James Makepiece Michael Martin 14-21 Graham Hickey Liam Fallas 21-14 Dave Scott Ashley Daykin 19-21 Liam Griffin

Second Round Ross Mallinson 21 Graham Hickey 17 Liam Griffin 21 Liam Fallas 19

Qualifying Round Liam Griffin 21 Ross Mallinson 15

Finals Night: 6.30pm Saturday 7 August 2021


Gary Siswick, George Turton, Sam Day, Craig Gant,

Rob Wiltshire, Jack Dyson, Paul Ingleby, Liam Griffin

Spectators are welcome and the bar will be open.

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