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The BDA Club Development Programme

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In the past year the BCGBA has rejoined the

Bowls Development Alliance (BDA) to improve support arrangements to all forms of bowling. In particular over the past year they have worked with clubs in submitting bids for funding to enable all sorts of schemes to reach fruition. In the continuing absence of any such support from Yorkshire CCGBA it is a useful aid to clubs looking to improve their facilities. In the past year the BDA has helped clubs bid for funding totalling over £1million.

It is not just funding that is covered by the BDA as they provide a range of other services as well usually free of charge. These are aimed at making clubs more self-sufficient and more organised in the manner in which they are run by providing training schemes for club officials to benefit from previous experiences. Clubs can sign up to the Club Development Programme to benefit from a range of initiatives to guide clubs through the difficult times ahead as our sport faces the reality of life after Covid.

You can learn more about the Club Development Programme and all the services that the BDA offers by reading their Annual Report which has just been published.

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