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Sunday Stats

Winter League

Last week we highlighted the fact that there hadn't been a drawn match in any of the 58 matches played at Milnsbridge since the Winter League came into being. No sooner had we done that than the very next week there are two drawn matches from the four played on Wednesday. So 4-4 draws for Thorpe Green 'A' and Lindley BC 'A' and also for Milnsbridge 'A' and New Millers to bring an end to that particular record.

We now turn to a fact highlighted earlier in the season and now revisited and updated. We look at the number of bowlers used by each of the 27 teams in the Winter League. We have looked for any changing trends and to see if there is any link between the number of bowlers used by a team and their league position. The answer to that last question appears to be no, there is no consistent link showing that the fewer bowlers a team uses the higher up the table they will be. In contrast there is an inclination to regard teams that have used the most bowlers as more likely to be stationed in the lower half of their respective divisions

Far and away the team to use most bowlers is the Division 3 team of Springwood 'B' who have used 15 different bowlers in their 7 league matches to date for an average of 1.9 appearances per bowler to date. The full listing for all three divisions is below.

Averages are calculated by multiplying the number of games by 4 (players in

a team), then dividing by the number of bowlers that have played.

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