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Summer Handicap 2023

Club News

Congratulations to Alex Wolfenden who denied Mark Atkinson a second successive Summer Handicap title and also a second title over the weekend having claimed the Colne Valley Merit on Friday. Well done to Cowcliffe Lib for sponsoring and hosting the competition. The photo shows Alex receiving his trophy from Cowcliffe evergreen Bob Swan.


D Radcliffe 21-8 J Allen

A Wolfenden 21-13 F Broscombe

M Higgins snr 21-13 C Hirst

T Mosley 18-21 D Pollard

S Paige 19-21 M Sweeney N Slattery 21-19 S Cameron

A Harper 19-21 R Chomiak

M Atkinson 21-11 L Mosley

S Thornton 16-21 D Pearcey

K Spencer-Halsall 21-14 A Rose B Tinker 13-21 C Allen

B Ramsden 15-21 M Higgins jnr


M Hirst 16-21 T Allen

L Peacock 21-6 E Heap

D Radcliffe 10-21 A Wolfenden

M Higgins snr 21-12 D Pollard

M Sweeney 15-21 N Slattery

R Chomiak 20-21 M Atkinson

D Pearcey 11-21 K Spencer-Halsall

C Allen 15-21 M Higgins jnr


T Allen 15-21 L Peacock

A Wolfenden 21-14 M Higgins snr

N Slattery 17-21 M Atkinson

K Spencer-Halsall 21-13 M Higgins jnr


L Peacock 15-21 A Wolfenden

M Atkinson 21-13 K Spencer-Halsall

FINAL A Wolfenden 21-10 M Atkinson

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