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Summer Handicap 2022

Bowling News

Crosland Moor bowler Mark Atkinson lifted the Huddersfield Summer Handicap at Golcar Lib on Sunday after a full day of competition.

He beat teammate Terry Brook the 2022 Huddersfield Merit Champion 21-15 in the Final at Golcar Lib. This was a reversal of the result when the two met in the semi-finals of the Merit last month when Terry came out on top 21-13.

Mark had to win six matches to lift the trophy and on the way to the Final he beat Tim Bolton 21-12 Jamie Hulley 21-15

Liam Fallas 21-16 Nathan Haigh 21-18

Mark Brammal 21-16 in the semi-fiinal

Terry Brook's passage to the Final saw these results Jack Dyson 21-20

George Turton 21-19

Shaun Mitchell 21-14

and Jason Shaw 21-5 in the semi-final.

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