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Sub-Team KO goes to Outlane

Veterans League

Outlane are the 2023 Sub-Team Knock-Out Final winners after beating Huddersfield Recreation Club by 10-points at Broad Oak on Thursday. A game of two halves as the Recreation Club won 3 of the 4 singles games and Outlane won all 3 of the Pairs to take the title with a 127-117 aggregate advantage.

A good day all around for the Outlane side as they won the two raffle prizes as well whilst the runners-up took their commiserations and thirsts to the Bull's Head where they might have cashed in the runners-up cheque.

HDVBA President Frank Greenwood presenting the trophy to the Outlane captain Malcolm Dibb (Photo by David Frost)

The victorious Outlane team (photograph by David Frost)

The runners-up Huddersfield Recreation Club (photograph courtesy of Mike Pointon)

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