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Springwood Scarecrow on duty

Winter League

The start of the Division 2 fixture programme has been delayed until 20 October to enable the planned annual maintenance work on the Springwood green to be undertaken. That has been completed now and greenkeeper, John Pix, reports that he just needs another 10 days of nature's progress before opening the green again.

There is a perpetual problem at Springwood of wildlife interference in the well-being of the green. The local fox is a regular visitor and with so many large trees around, birds are a constant threat to the green. That is where the Springwood Scarecrow and brothers come into their own and here is an exclusive close-up of that elusive custodian. John reports that the scarecrow is working well this year and he is looking forward to showing off the fruits of his labours in due course. The Winter League Division 2 fixture programme begins at 12noon on Wednesday 20 October.

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